The overall objective of the project is to improve the transnational innovation capacity of the business sector & to develop the appropriate environment in the Balkan Med regions, where potential entrepreneurs chosen from an open procedure with a feasible business idea will be subject to an experimental learning process including pilot training material freely available to all potential businesses that will help them to acquire the diverse tools & skills required to implement their ideas into a viable business start-up. 

The specific objective that the project aims to achieve is to provide adequate support to SMEs in order to improve their adjustment capacity to the changing socioeconomic & policy circumstances, by: 

  • supporting business model innovation,
  • encouraging enterprises to develop & promote innovative products/services, 
  • promoting networking & clustering & providing integrated management support & governance to boost innovation & technology transfer strategies, 
  • creating a culture of entrepreneurship,
  • contributing in qualifying young entrepreneurs to found & manage a company on their own, 
  • facilitate the innovation transfer to the sector, 
  • assisting in increasing the number of business companies in the BM regions.


Expected Results

The project will support the exchange of know-how & the creation of new businesses and innovation networks. The primary result of the project is the creation of a network of experts in entrepreneurship, innovation & entrepreneurial education for knowledge transfer. Moreover, actions for raising awareness & creating common understanding about business model innovation & commercialization of innovation will be implemented.

The project will promote the required common policy for the development of cross-border entrepreneurship and also, it will develop entrepreneurial skills & mindset to the participants, improving their opportunities in the labour market.  The project will develop innovation culture & cooperation in the Agri-food sector, a viable mechanism for the detection & maturation of the innovative business ideas & a permanent structure for networking & extroversion of the Agri-food innovative business ideas & investors.

Lastly, it is expected to increase the attractiveness of the regions for young & existing innovative entrepreneurs by promoting socio-economic development, supporting the development of innovative entrepreneurship through commercial exploitation of the Agri-food sector & fostering a business friendly environment for growth & jobs.